Final Interview Preparation

So tomorrow, Demmie, Juliet and myself will travel through to Edinburgh to visit The Touch Agency to interview Martin Naylor, the managing director. Juliet has been in contact with the company and after a minor reschedule we’re almost ready to jump in and get involved.

I’ve finalised and printed the consent form and we’ve almost finalised our questions. We should arrive at Edinburgh bus station for 9am, having caught the 7.20am(!?) leaving Dundee. This should give us an hour to settle and organise our thoughts (and possibly grab a well needed coffee) before getting started at 10am.

The Touch Agency has been based in Edinburgh for 15 years and has worked with several well known clients, such as Amazon, Harrods and the World Wildlife Fund. The small studio work with clients to enhance or develop branding, print and digital format. Their work in print is something that definite appeals to me, as it’s an aspect of graphic design that I’ve particularly enjoyed working on in class.

If all goes to plan we’ll be able to ask Mr. Naylor how the The Touch Agency works; specifically, we’ll ask him how the business was founded and why; how he runs the business; about his successes and even his failures- and what he learnt from them. This should give the team a great insight into the real world of design beyond university projects and tutor guidance. If we get the opportunity to speak to anyone else from the company that would be fantastic, however I imagine that in a busy studio we’d be very lucky! Not only am I looking forward to passing on our interview experience with the rest of my university peers, I’m also really looking forward to hearing from everyone else and how they got on too. 

At the moment I’m viewing tomorrow as an enjoyable experience, which I’m sure it still will be, however the ultimate aim of the interview is to aid me in developing a entrepreneurial business strategy, that could be put into action after graduation. This will also be my first chance to step inside a graphic design studio, so it’ll be a great opportunity to see where I might find myself in the future, or where my skills could be put to use.

All in all, tomorrow should be a great day- heading to bed early tonight though. Watch this space for Interview updates, should post something tomorrow!