Paul Rand, the brand.

The ‘IBM’ logo

Corporate identity, or branding is key factor that a company will rely on to create a product that is recognisable and desirable to their potential or returning clientele. To some this may seem like an irrelevant piece of design that means little to them, but if they only considered the time, thought and money that goes into a logo then perhaps they might give it more thought. A logo after all is nothing, if it’s not also part of ┬ábrand- and vice versa. Paul Rand reshaped the way industry used their image or branding to advertise products to the wider world, creating pieces that are now much more than just symbols, ┬ábut more part of our psyche. Even without the letter in the symbol above, the composition of horizontal blue lines would be identifiable with the brand.

(Image created by Paul Rand, for IBM, c.1972)